Cut down on cost and...

increase competitiveness

Thanks to the know-how gained over recent years in mold design, SEF introduces the ideal solution for cutting production cost and improving competitiveness.

Indeed, thanks to the low investment required for the mold, the reduced hourly cost and modest power consumption, this new service provided by SEF guarantees significant savings while at the same time maintaining the high quality standards that are the signature feature of SEF around the world.

Low production cost

High precision

The use of conventional machines requires major investments due to the large size of the molds which are therefore very expensive.

On the other hand, the micro molding tecnhology provided by SEF, thanks to te low investment required in equipment, allows significant savings, even for small production batches, while maintaining a high quality standard.

Each phase of the production process (from design of the mold right through to delivery) is in fact subjected to scrupulous quality control measures to guarantee a product that fully satisfies clients' expectations.

Innovative solutions in printing of plastic materials From prototype to finished product.

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