Plastic injection moulding

From drawing to serial product

From drawing to serial product

Plastic injection moulding

Thanks to our long-standing know-how acquired in planning, choice of materials and injection moulding manufactured products, Sef is the ideal partner to design and manufacture items in thermoplastic materials to be used in any field.

One of our major strengths is our manufacturing department, equipped with 16 modern robotic injection moulding machines which range from 6 to 250 tonnes and enabling us to manufacture both smaller (0.2g) to larger items (600g). Sef always pays uttermost attention towards the continual evolution of the thermoplastic resins field and we are able to advise our clients on the choice of the most suitable plastic materials, to guarantee a finished product which reflects the highest mechanical, aesthetic and chemical standards.

During 2015, Sef purchased a centralised ERP software to monitor the internal manufacturing process, which is synchronised with the other software and microprocessors of every machine within the company. Through this software, our staff is constantly aware of the advancement status of the different jobs being carried out and whether the printing parameters are being complied with, thus guaranteeing quality and uniformity across the manufacturing batches.

The ideal partner for injection moulding or micro-injection moulding

Speed and punctuality

thanks to our large warehouse for stock.

Low-cost micro-injection moulding

for small batch-production.

Quality guaranteed

by ISO 9001:2008 (TUV) certification and by our 40 years of experience.

Rapid prototyping

thanks to our industrial 3D printer.

for small batches and rapid prototyping


Aiming at responding to the market’s mutated needs which require smaller and smaller manufacturing batches, Sef has introduced micro-injection moulding technology, which leads to significant cost-savings on the creation of new equipment and guarantees very high quality standards.

Furthermore, Sef’s offering includes the creation of prototypes which have centesimal precision and are complex in shape. Thanks to this technology, you may transfer the drawing as an object, and thus verify your project both from the aesthetical, functional and economic points of view, as well as avoid any possible error in your project.

Sef can offer chromed or varnished products in 24 different colour shades; while the variety of colours which may be obtained through tampography is endless.

Innovative solutions in printing of plastic materials From prototype to finished product.

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