Rapid 3D prototyping

Give shape to your ideas

Give shape to your ideas

Rapid prototyping with 3D printing

Sef has acquired an industrial prototyping machine able to make 3D prototypes with centesimal precision and very high aesthetic quality.

Starting from a drawing, the rapid 3D prototyping creates the desired item so that we may be able to touch it and verify its quality, to avoid any design mistakes.

Rapid prototyping

A latest generation 3D printer

Manufacturing quality products requires an excellent printer. The 3D printer chosen by Sef can create prototypes with volume of 298x185x203mm in HD (high definition) and 127x178x152mm in UHD (ultra-high definition).

The procedure is similar to that used by common ink jet printers: the nozzles distribute the material from the head with an alternated stratification technique of the constructive material and removable supporting material, subsequently, a UV ray lamp fixes the material. The result is a quality product which may be tested before the serial injection moulding phase begins.

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Innovative solutions in printing of plastic materials From prototype to finished product.

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